Sweet & spicy chamoy candy

Flirty & Fiery Mystery Box

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Introducing Chilli Bomba's "Flirty & Fiery Mystery Box" - the Valentine's Day special that's hotter than your last date and sweeter than a love letter from your crush!

Option 1: Mr. Bomba BoxFour of our best-selling 8oz flavors, carefully curated to ignite your taste buds in ways that'll make your ex jealous. It's like dating four irresistible hotties at once, without the drama. Get ready for a flavor explosion that's guaranteed to leave you wanting more, just like your complicated love life.

Option 2: The Belts BoxUnleash the sweet and spicy passion with four of our finest 8oz sweet and spicy belts flavors. It's like the unpredictable twists and turns of a relationship, but way more delicious. Wrap your taste buds in a tantalizing dance of flavors that'll have you questioning why you ever settled for bland snacks in the first place.

What's inside the box? It's a mystery, just like love! Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions as you unbox the perfect combination of sweet and spicy surprises.

Whether you choose Mr. Bomba or The Belts, our mystery box is your ticket to a culinary adventure that mirrors the ups and downs of love. Just like relationships, our candy will keep you on your toes, leaving you with that perfect blend of satisfaction and anticipation.

Warning: Consuming Chilli Bomba's candies may cause uncontrollable smiles, bursts of laughter, and an overwhelming desire to share the love. Handle with care and share responsibly – just like you would with your heart.

Get ready to spice up your Valentine's Day with Chilli Bomba's "Flirty & Fiery Mystery Box." Because love is sweet, but it's even better with a kick of spice!



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